Rolling up a Blunt

“It’s a shame you don't smoke weed anymore.” Said the boy who just arrived here at the backpackers lodge. Those words were supposed to sting  me. Instead I smiled, remembering the grimy lifestyle Jesus removed me from. Little does he know my background with marijuana. How I was a slave to it. I relied on... Continue Reading →

Can you fix my door?

"When one door closes, Another door opens" If you look on Pinterest, you'll find a lot of beautifully pictured graphics with quotes about Doors. It's a saying that gives a good visual to encourage someone who has to let go of something or someone and continue to move forward to something better. Which isn't easy... Continue Reading →

I’m not where I want to be.

I didn't think I'd be here. At 24 years old, Extremely single, living in Downtown Grand Rapids with 2 roommates (whom are a blessing to live with if I may add).  I thought by now I would be married, comfortably living in a home or a cute apartment with my husband, maybe even a child by now.... Continue Reading →

Beer Bong!!!!!! 

Did the title of this post throw you off a little? Maybe lead to some slight confusion? Let me first clarify, that I'm not about that type of activity [anymore]. I actually wanted to make a point. And I'll get there hopefully by the end of your read. There's a subject thats been weighing on... Continue Reading →

Mercy over Make-Up💄

"Just act normal. You got away with it! Now you just need to get in the car and leave." Those were My silent thoughts to myself as I walked out of Meijer with UN-paid for make-up & make-up brushes hidden away in my Carry-on luggage sized -faux juicy couture purse. (Not my style anymore). Anyhow, thinking... Continue Reading →

Stripped Down 

See, I will make all things new.-Rev. 21:5 There's a difference between "new" and "nice". Nice things can look Good, but nice things can also be old things. New things however, are something that has not been existent before;the first time. God doesn't want to give us nice things--He wants to give us New things. This... Continue Reading →

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